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The company was established in 1964 by Mr. Alexander Gringov, Dipl. Electrical-Mechanical Engineer NTUA (National Technical University of Athens).

From the very beginning of its foundation the company was cooperated with the German: SAMSON AG one of the major worldwide leaders in manufacture and supply of industrial equipment. Very soon, "Exakm Ltd" was granted the official and exclusive representation of SAMSON AG in Greece.    


Photo from the participation of the company at  "INDEX Trade Exhibition" on year 1972 with its former initial name: AKMON LTD.











The constant increasement of market demands as well as the development  of new innovative technologies have been always adopted from our company leading our activities to realize the different customer needs, to enhance productivity and reduce product costs.

Our Company Staff participates at National and International Industrial and Hydraulic Equipment Exhibitions, keeps being educated by taking part  in Technical Seminars Abroad, participates with literature -based on its experience- on technological topics in Technical Publications.  

More specific our company:  

1. Supplies (and provides the corresponding technical support) of the required mechanical and electrical equipment on: Energy Generation and Co-generation Plants, (e.g Dams, District Heating Plants), Irrigation, Drainage and Sewage Installations, Environmental Projects Water Conservation, Water Treatment Plants (e.g Potable Water Supply Plants), Waste Water Treatment Plants, e.t.c  

2. Supplies (and provides the corresponding technical support) of Industrial Equipment: Plant Control Equipment and Measurements on the Process Mediums.  

3. Designs, Manufactures and Purchases "District Heating Consumers Thermal Substations". This is a major part of our production activity since year 1993.  



Photo from the participation of the company at  "Thessaloniki International Trade Fair" in 80's with its present name: EXAKM.









"Our company was the first domestic Designer and Manufacturer of Thermal Substations for District Heating Networks. More than 4.100 complete Thermal Substations have been manufactured and supplied at Kozani District Heating (Kozani city - Kozani Prefecture in West Macedonia - North Greece) and 1.000 complete Thermal Substations for Amynteo District Heating (Amynteo city - Florina Prefecture in West Macedonia - North Greece) since 1994"...  

At the same time EXAKM has supplied a remarkable number of Regulating Control Equipment for the Pump Stations and District Heating Distribution Network of "Ptolemaida District Heating Public Company " (Ptolemais city - Kozani Perfecture in West Macedonia - North Greece).  


Taking advantage of our technical experience throughout all of these years,  our company participates on every new tender & contest involving District Heating and Co-Generation Plants in Greece. The most recent Project of District Heating in Greece (October 2005) is this of Megalopolis city (Arcadia Prefecture in Peloponnesus) for which our company has won the competition and undertook the tender for the supply of a new type of Compact District Heating Thermal Substation named: ''MQ''.


From the beginning of year 2003 our company has been upgraded from "EXAKM LTD (Limited)" to "EXAKM ABETE" (Industrial Commercial & Technical Company S.A) - an additional fact which states the successful business progress during all of these years.


An important number of European Manufacturers that our company represents or collaborates, the Quality Assurance System "EN ISO 9001:2000" that our company has been Certified with, and our respectful satisfied Customers are the guarantee of our successful professional outcome and at the same time reflects our only goal for constant improvement of our product quality and services.  

Our Factory facilities at 3rd Industrial Zone in Thessaloniki (North Greece).




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