For us, maintaining your privacy online is a self-evident right and, as a Data Controller, within the framework of the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), we are committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal data, which we collect during the commercial transactions between us.

The processing and protection of your personal data is subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy, as well as to the provisions of the GDPR, but also to the other provisions of national, community and international law regarding the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data, such as applies at any time.

Any information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify a natural person, such as name, ID number, location data, online identifier or one or more factors related to physical, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of the person in question.

The personal data we collect during your browsing, as well as when you use the features offered by our website, includes:

Data that you provide to us when registering or filling out the contact form: name and email account (e-mail), as well as address and contact numbers and
Technical data, such as your IP address and the browser you use when you visit our website.
By registering on our page you agree to the general terms of use and the amendment, as described herein.

In the cases in which we have to process your personal data based on the consent you have granted, a copy of the granted consent statement with all the information included in it is kept as evidence of its granting and for convenience, in the event that it is requested revocation thereof. Consent is granted for clear and distinct purposes of processing, which have been disclosed in advance and, from the moment you grant it, you are fully aware of them.

As data subjects we process, you can access the record of personal data we have collected about you. You may also request the deletion or correction or restriction of processing or object to the processing of such data, except where we are obliged to retain your data for administrative, legal or security reasons. In addition, as subjects of personal data, you have the right to withdraw the consent you have given regarding the processing of your data.

Briefly, your rights regarding your personal data, according to the GDPR, are as follows:

Right of access
Right of rectification
Right to erasure (“Right to be forgotten”)
Right to restriction of processing
Right to portability
Right to object
Right to object to automated individual decision-making, including profiling

To exercise your rights, as defined below, you have the possibility to submit a request. We undertake to respond and provide you with the relevant information, without delay, within one month of the proven receipt of the request.

This deadline may be extended by a further two months if necessary, taking into account the complexity of the request and the number of requests. In this case, you will be informed within one month of the proven receipt of the request.

In the event of an inability to respond within the stipulated time frame, you will be informed of the reasons within one month of the proven receipt of the request.

The requests are checked in terms of their size and repeatability per requester for possible abuse, in order to provide the rights of art. 12 par. 3 of the GDPR.

In compliance with GDPR requirements, we process your personal data in fair and transparent ways, ensuring the legality, objectivity and transparency of the processing.

We collect the data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and do not process it in a manner incompatible with these purposes.

We collect the data that is necessary and suitable for the purposes of the processing and only what we need.

We keep the data up-to-date and take care of its accuracy or its deletion and correction, when it is inaccurate, in relation to the purpose of the processing.

We keep the data for as long as the purpose of the processing requires and then take care of their safe destruction.

We take care to protect personal data from loss, misuse and abuse, unauthorized access and leakage, ensuring that appropriate technical and organizational measures are implemented to protect it.

For all of the processing purposes described above, the legal basis for processing is a legal obligation: the processing of your personal data is necessary to comply with a legal obligation on our part, i.e. an obligation arising from law. In case of not processing the necessary data, there will be a violation of the law and the corresponding penalties, as well as insufficient service to you.

In particular, the purpose and functions performed by the company are determined by the relevant legislation and by individual regulations, provisions and circulars that have been issued, for its execution, and the way it performs them, with all the necessary actions, which are carried out in execution of them , is determined and made in application of the relevant legislation.

Your personal data is treated with complete confidentiality and security and is not shared further, except in cases where sharing thereof is required.

Your personal data is kept for no longer than the reasonable period required for the purpose of the individual processing carried out on it and there are certain criteria that determine this. In cases where the processing of your personal data is based on a legal obligation, in accordance with the above, the time of compliance is determined based on the requirements of the legislation, the period during which checks can be carried out by the competent authorities, the prescribed statutes of limitations, but also your own legitimate interests.

In cases where your personal data will be processed based on your consent, simple or explicit, the retention time is determined by the possibility of revocation. From the moment you withdraw your consent, the relevant personal data will also be deleted.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy whenever there is a difference in its content, which requires notification. If there is a need for us to use your personal data for a new purpose, which is not covered by this one, then we will re-disclose the Privacy Policy before the start of processing, which will include the new use and define the relevant purposes and processing conditions. Where and whenever necessary, your consent to the new processing will be sought beforehand.

Other terms
We collect the personal data concerning this from you, the data subjects.

As the controller of your data, we responsibly declare that we have taken all the necessary organizational measures to protect your personal data and adhere to a comprehensive security plan, in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

The collection and processing of personal data, in the context of this Privacy Policy, is carried out by legitimate means and in a way that ensures respect for privacy, personality and human dignity.

Compliance with the Privacy Policy is done in the context of good faith and business ethics and with the free will of the parties, with the aim of good and efficient cooperation with the protection of all.

In case of inability to exercise the rights provided by the GDPR, but also in general, in case of questions, clarifications and complaints, you have the right to contact the Personal Data Protection Authority for support and assistance.



Cookies are small sets of data that a website can store on your computer or mobile phone. The cookie allows the website to “remember” your actions while browsing it. Although the majority of browsers, such as, for example, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera, support the use of cookies, however, the user can set his browser not to accept cookies in the first place or to deletes them after the fact.

Usefulness of Cookies

Cookies can perform many functions. They are mainly used to measure the traffic of a website or individual websites. For example, the number of visitors live or per hour of the day, their geographical origin, the operating system and resolution of their computer screen, the website from which they came (through a search engine, a link from another page or with direct entry), the keyword used in the search engine, etc. Other cookies can remember, for the convenience of the user, the choice of language or the results of his search on a website. Others, again, can record the user’s failed login attempts to a web page, so that (the web pages) require, after a certain number of failed login attempts, the further cross-checking of their data, such as, for example, by entering an additional code, which is sent to him by SMS to his mobile phone.

Use of Cookies

Our website, hereinafter referred to as “the website”, stores cookies on the terminal equipment of its visitors to improve their browsing on it, as well as to measure its traffic. With these cookies, users’ privacy and sensitive personal data are not put at risk.

CMS cookies

The website is designed on the basis of a Content Management System (CMS), which by default stores cookies on the user’s computer to improve his navigation on the respective page. These cookies are called Session cookies.

Universal Analytics Cookies

Google Universal Analytics uses cookies to report user interactions on Google Analytics client websites. These cookies are used to store non-personally identifiable information. The cookies of the Google Analytics service that are stored through the website on the user’s terminal equipment are the following:

The cookie named “_ga” is used to identify unique visitors to our website and has a lifetime of two years from the user’s last visit to it
The cookie named “_gat” is used to anonymously track the visitor’s behavior while browsing our website and has a lifetime of ten minutes from the user’s visit to it. For example, it detects the entry and exit page of the visitor from the website, the time spent on each page, etc.
It is pointed out that the lifetime of the above cookies can be changed by Google without prior warning.

Cookies Directive Cookies

After you have given your consent to accept cookies from this website, according to the procedure described below, a cookie named “cookiesdirective” is stored on your terminal equipment, which remembers your consent and has a lifetime of year from its grant. The practical value of installing this cookie is to avoid the hassle of giving the same consent each time you visit the site.

Obligation of Consent to Store Cookies

The installation and use of cookies is specifically regulated by paragraph 5 of article 4 of Law 3471/2006 (which transposed Directive 2002/58/EC into the Greek legal order), according to which, the installation and use of cookies is only permitted with the user’s consent. A website can install a cookie only if the respective user has given his consent after clear and extensive information about this installation, the purpose of the processing, the exercise of the right of access and any recipients of the data. This consent may be given through appropriate settings in the web browser or through another application.

Consent from the Visitor

Given that the cookies of the Google Universal Analytics service are from a third party to our website and do not fall under the exception of par. 5 of article 4 of Law 3471/2006 as traffic analysis cookies, we obtain the visitor’s consent before storing cookies on the terminal equipment. The user has the possibility at any time to delete the cookies stored by this page in his browser, through his settings.

In particular, the website uses a special plugin, which prevents cookies from being stored on the visitor’s terminal equipment, if their consent is not first obtained by pressing an accept button. Next to the acceptance button there is a link that leads to the present Cookies Policy of the website, in which the user can read all the necessary information, which will make it easier for him to make a decision to grant consent or not to accept cookies.

Checking and deleting Cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies according to your wishes. Details can be found here: You can delete all cookies already on your computer, as well as set most browsers to prevent the installation of cookies. However, in this case, you may need to adjust some preferences yourself each time you visit a website, and some services may also not work.