Business Profile

For more than 50 years, our Company has experience in the supply, maintenance and technical support of electromechanical equipment in both industry and hydraulic projects. Our company is the pioneer domestic producer that developed the study and completed the construction of Thermal Substations for District Heating Consumers. We represent and cooperate with the largest and most reliable manufacturers of industrial and hydraulic equipment abroad:

  • We have a fully organized staff of qualified scientists and technical personnel who can help you select and evaluate the solutions that perfectly suit your projects,
  • Our clientele includes many of the country’s largest companies
  • The company has been certified based on the EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard


The company was founded in 1964 by Alexander Gringov, Dipl. Electrical-Mechanical Engineer E.M.P., as “AKMON EPE”, a name he kept for the period 1964-1966.

Since 1966, now renamed “EXAKM E.P.E” (EX+AKMON), the company cooperated with “SAMSON AG”, one of the world’s leading companies in the manufacture of industrial equipment, as its representative and exclusive agent for Greece and Cyprus.

In the following years, with the aim of its continuous improvement and development, the company participates in industrial equipment exhibitions, takes part in training seminars abroad, prepares articles for publication in technical publications, etc., thus gaining the trust of both its customers and of the foreign construction companies it represents.

A milestone in the company’s development was its participation in the development of District Heating networks in Greece, both with the design and construction and with the supply of Consumer Thermal Substations.

In 2003, the company was converted from an LLC to an ABET (Anonymous Industrial Commercial & Technical Company) – confirming in practice its successful and upward trajectory in the Greek market.

Finally, following the stormy developments of technology, the company already participated from the beginning of 2010 in the development of telemetry and telematics applications, both at the industrial level and at the level of infrastructure projects.

Sectors – Activities


Supply, maintenance and technical support of control and measurement equipment in industries (food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, refineries, chemicals, fertilizers, etc., in industrial cooling & heating facilities, in shipping, electricity generation & distribution, as well as in technical companies and/or in utilities and other public services.

Hydraulic works

Supply, maintenance and technical support of hydraulic equipment in dams, water supply pumping stations, in water supply networks, in networks of water abstraction and water distribution projects, in fire extinguishing networks, in industrial water applications, in irrigation and drainage projects, in biological cleaning facilities, as well as in technical companies and/or public utility facilities.


Supply & technical support of measuring instruments for industrial and domestic applications as well as for HVAC and HVAC network applications. Supply, manufacture and technical support of telemetry and telematics applications.

District heating-HVAC

Design, study, construction and supply of Thermal Substations for District Heating Consumers. Supply, maintenance and technical support of HVAC network control equipment, such as boiler stations, heating cooling distribution networks and BMS systems.

Quality policy

EXAKM A.V.E.T.E. with more than 50 years of experience from its activity in the field of industrial, electromechanical and hydraulic equipment recognizes that the most important criterion for its development is: the quality of the products and services it offers, and aims to:

1. In the consistent and effective fulfillment of the applicable requirements of its customers at all stages and the corresponding functions required.
2. In monitoring the technical characteristics of the products it markets and those it manufactures and their compliance with applicable specifications so that they are always up-to-date.
3. The selection of the most suitable materials, partners and suppliers at all stages from design, sale, delivery, installation as well as their after-sales service, so that it has only satisfied customers.
4. In the continuous development of its partners to ensure the necessary infrastructure, the required knowledge, experience and conscientiousness, so that they can be effective in their work.

Our company is committed to providing whatever is deemed necessary to achieve these goals.

The Quality Assurance System committed to be implemented by the Management and staff of the company in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015, aims at the documented achievement of the above objectives and the continuous improvement of the company at all levels.